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My house uses Andersen casement windows. The weather strip is kind of old and very stiff. Also I think it causes the window hard to open/close. Where can I buy those weather strips? If I hire professional contractor, how much would it cost for replacing weather strip per window (total around 25 20x55 windows)?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ANITA MENDEZ (Santa Cruz, CA), 01/18/2019

Get a screw driver and push it out from the back. It may be stuck due to the paint but this type is just pressed in.

- ELLEN MUNOZ (Sandy Springs, GA), 02/04/2019

Ok...maybe not JustBill...who the heck am I thinking of? Whatevevver.. Trying to clean toilets, make pot roast, watch the race, clean up the garage all at once...oh and have a few cold ones....someone will be in eventually.

- NINA HARDY (San Diego, CA), 02/28/2019

Been a while since I did Andersen weatherstrips, they never (almost)wear out. Cost can vary considerably by area and by the contractor. There is likely a minimum 1st hour charge, then an hourly charge depending on the time involved. But as gunguy suggested, Andersen can send you the material and the how to info. They will need the information etched in the corner of the glass, Andersen logo with numbers/letters. Warranty on things such as you describe is 10 yrs, so I doubt it is under warranty.

- DIANE TORRES (Huntington Beach, CA), 02/27/2019

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