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Well it appears that my weep holes have been a bit clogged with animal hair which casued water damage inside the house. This is being repaired. My question what is the best way to remove the hair inside the weep channel? My second question.... There is a seal that sits on the piece of the door that holds the stationary door closed but rests against the bottom of the opening door. I can pull this seal out and it is worn in some places. What is this seal called and is it possible to replace this? It is torn in some areas.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: HOWARD GRAY (Grand Prairie, TX), 01/21/2019

First, did the installer put long screws in the hinges? They should be in the holes closest to the center of the frame. These get skipped often. Make sure all the screws in the door and frame are snug. Is the gap around the door even at the top and sides? There should be some captive screws on the top of the sill that will adjust it up and down. I've seen a few where there is a plastic cover that snaps over the sill, that would have to be removed before adjustment (I know, dumb, but they exist). If you have a brand name, post it. BTW was this a handyman or a company? They should make it right.

- HILDA GRIFFITH (Portsmouth, VA), 02/12/2019

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