Forum Title: Leaking causes in basement below sliding patio door
I have a 6 year old home with a sliding patio door. Three years ago, we noticed there was a leak under the patio door mostly under the entry side where the wall meets the patio door. We tried things to fix it like weatherstripping at the entry threshold and some extra drip pans above the spot to divert more water away, but after every fix, we never had a driving rainstorm so thought the leak was always fixed. This year with the storms that took out the Lake in Wisconsin Dells (so quite a bad round), we had leaking again such I could see the water coming thru the wood-prior I could just feel it was damp. Also noticed that the framing board under the other side of the door was damp. Our neighbor came over in one of them and could see water running along the patio door under the siding and thought the door wasn't taped. We tried covering the door with plastic prior to that such no water could get by the threshold and it still was leaking such we felt that the water be driven down behind the siding but over the waterproof sheeting thru the untaped area down to the framing. We had a builder-not our home builder- tape the door. Following, we had two little driving rainstorms with no leaks, but tonight we had a wopper with high rain amounts/flash flooding/city roads closed and it leaked again. The sub floor doesn't appear wet nor do the framing lumber, just that particle board that is over the framing. It feels like a lot of water is sitting between the particle board and the waterproof wrapping. Does anyone have any ideas how this water is entering? Is this how a patio door would leak if the caulking under the door itself is not adequate such the door would need to be removed and reinstalled? Or could the leak be in the door itself such I need to get a new door totally? I have had 2 new home builders and one remodeling company here up this point and still not the right answer. Any advice would be appreciated. Home Owner
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JAMIE WEBER (Centennial, CO), 01/11/2019

are your windows hurricane rated ? they could be check with who you bought them from Quote: I know that damage is often done due to pressure differentials; how many windows need to be left open? How far (open) urban myth no windows should be left open , all should be protected the wind comes from all directions and is a window is open (or broken ) thats when the problems start what is the construction under the vinyl ?

- JESSICA LEWIS (Jacksonville, FL), 02/10/2019

I also am not clear on your explanation of exactly where you are seeing the water coming in. The best thing you could do is remove a piece of your interior trim and try to determine if you have water inside the rough opening all along the side of the door. Look to see if the insulation is wet. Or is this something that is only occurring on the bottom near the subfloor, which would help narrow down the leak. When a person has vinyl siding (IF you have vinyl siding), it can indeed leak in around the vinyl siding, but the solution is NOT to caulk inside the j-channel. The vinyl siding would first need to be removed around the door. The side nailing flanges of the door would need to be sealed to the building paper (or housewrap- any water-resistive barrier) with a flashing tape. A flap would be cut in the building paper on top, which is folded up and out of the way so that the top nailing flange can be taped directly to the sheathing. That flap is then folded down over the flashing tape so that the building paper laps OVER the top nailing flange of the door, and is not under it. With vinyl siding, having a building envelope that is completely water-resistive is critical to avoid leaks. When you mention particle board, I'm guessing you're referring to your OSB sheathing. If you can see your OSB sheathing... it's possible that your home doesn't have any housewrap on it, which, if combined with vinyl siding, would be bad. (this was somehow allowed by code years ago, but not anymore) I'd be interested in knowing what is ABOVE this patio door, because vinyl siding allows so much water behind it that any window, door, deck, etc. that is above your leaking door would be causing leakage below.

- MARLENE BUSH (Turlock, CA), 02/03/2019

XSleeper, I believe all of what you mentioned with the taping was done already. I have not popped the interior trim, but will ask the guy who is coming tomorrow who taped it to check it out. All that is above the door is siding. I called the door rep from the company that sold the door. He told me to caulk the threshold where it meets the side of the door jam on each side. When I told the guy who is coming, he said no that could cause problems. If I pop the trim and it is wet, than is it, that the door wasn't properly installed? The rep did mention something about a gasket that goes between the door casing/frame when it needs to be assembled on side. If I pop the trim and it is dry, would that mean it wasn't caulked properly when the door was initially set in the frame? Could the problem be that it was not properly flashed under the door? I can see the OSB on the inside of the house. I have seen the housewrap so I know it is there. Does this usually go behind the board that the patio is mounted to as well? House Owner

- KELLY BELL (Wellington, FL), 02/18/2019

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