Forum Title: How do you measure for storm windows?
I've got to replace a couple of storm windows, but I'm not sure what measurements to use to order the new windows. The opening where the new window will be installed is about 28-1/2 W x 55 1/8 H. This will be the distance between the outside edges of the flanges (I'm not sure if that's the correct term, but I'm referring to the part that the screws go through to attach the window.) However, I know that you sometimes have to change the width of a flange to fit by removing a strip from the flange that has been scored at the factory for that purpose. So that measurement doesn't really matter that much, as long as I can remove a portion of the flange, I can make a larger (measured the same way I did) window fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ~Jeffrey
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BEVERLY DIAZ (Alameda, CA), 01/03/2019

Here is a better example of my second question with pictures....first is the whole piece and wonder if it is removable to replace (no clue who the manufacturer is, was turnkey), and the second question about that rubber seal (which I can remove), is it possible to replace?

- PEARL SCHWARTZ (Ocala, FL), 02/25/2019

So, unless one or both of us misunderstood the other, my measurements should be the correct numbers to give to the supplier. I don't have to check for square, at least not with a square, nothing about this old house is square. Then the siding guys came along and slapped the aluminum on the windows making things even less square! Sure, it's old, it's gonna be a rental, the owner wants to spend as little $ as possible; but, surely I'm not being too hard on those guys by calling the job they did poor... to put it mildly. I've already reinstalled about 17 storm windows. Making them look decent wasn't easy, but I managed. I just need two more to replace missing windows. Thanks a ton for your help! ~Jeffrey

- JUAN COLLINS (Lakeville, MN), 03/02/2019

Jeff: The flange you mentioned in your original post sits on the frame of the window; the measurement I suggested is for the actual storm window that sits into the window opening - the flange is irrelevant.

- JERRY ADAMS (Berkeley, CA), 02/18/2019

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