Forum Title: Got Stuck Inside of a Garage-tried to bust lock out-lock gone-door st. locked
Crazy situation happened here this morning. I was house sitting for my grandmother. She is in Flordia and wanted me to help with her dog. I went down into the basement this morning and went into the garage to get something-door slammed behind me. I DID not know it automatically locked when it was shut. I had never come across an inside door that had done that before. I was trapped.. I had no shoes, no cell phone, no keys. Everything was locked in the house. I was desperate-I was cold and no one was going to be home anytime soon-grandma not coming home until later this week. I began to use every tool I can to busy out the lock-hammers, screwdrivers, pliers..everything was out, but the door was still locked. I was then desperate so I opened up the garage door and went outside to see if any windows happened to be left open-one was..I was able to get back in..needless to say I didn't try that at first because I had no shoes-I was walking in the snowbarefoot. I have never done this before, but I am going to try to replace the lock before she gets back-she knows about situation. She was not upset. My main problem is I cannot get the door to open despite there being absolutely no cylinder in there. You can see right through it. It still will not open. Is there anything I can do other than take the door off of the hinges? I am ready just to call a handyman to have it done if that is the only way-will not have enough time to do that in the evenings. I cannot access the garage-no external keypad and the only remote is in my grandmas car which is at the airport.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KYLE MUNOZ (Coon Rapids, MN), 01/05/2019

That's about it unless after you have taken off the inside molding you see something else holding it in.

- Steve Leigh (Cleveland, OH), 02/28/2019

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